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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
We have to wait and see who fills out the OF. Is Eloy going to stick in LF? Who takes the spot currently manned by Tilson and Cordell? We can’t go forward with Eloy (or Robert, if Eloy is moved to DH) being the only OF who hits for power. Honestly, since Robert looks like he can stick in CF, we really should be getting power from all 3 OF spots. Instead of looking at plus-power from C and CF as a hedge that allows a guy with minus-power to play a corner OF spot, we should be looking to double down and play to our park’s advantages.
Where have the Sox said that they're satisfied with using players with minus power for the corner OF spots? Seems a bit premature at this point to use this as a reason to say that having Madrigal in the lineup will be problematic. They should address any potential lack of power in the OF spots by acquiring (or developing) adequate OFers, not by looking to replace Nick Madrigal.

And I’m totally with you on Daniel Palka. I will go even further and say that I don’t even want to see him get another chance up here, as takes the O out of OPS. If we’re being honest with ourselves and not allowing personal like or dislike to cloud our judgment, Abreu makes too many outs as well.

Still, I’m never going to be taking a .320 hitter who hits 10-15 home runs over a .250 hitter who hits 30-35 home runs, just to adhere to some antiquated sense of “balancing the lineup.”
Saying that Madrigal and his potential upside (even with a lack of power) is fine in a lineup otherwise full of pop is not the same thing as saying we want/need him for basically for some sense of balance. Madrigal was drafted because he was arguably the BPA at that time of the draft. It wasn't based on an antiquated sense of balancing the lineup. If we could somehow acquire someone else to play 2B who could play gold glove quality defense, steal bases, hit 35 HRs, and hit .250 a year....well yeah, sign me up - he'd be a great guy to have. But how much would that cost in salary or talent to acquire when those resources could be spent elsewhere?
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