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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
145, Row 21.

Yeah, last year was the first year I decided to take none, because I got so screwed on having to eat so many of my 27 games the year prior. I still went to 15 last year, all lower deck, and paid so much less on Stub Hub it was ridiculous.

But if you want a piece, I'd happily let them know.
In the future, perhaps. Thanks for the offer. Assuming I keep my steady job/income part of me would like to get at least a partial plan sometime in the next decade, but I struggle with the same thing--it seems so much cheaper to do it on StubHub. I can see how the convenience of being in the same seats and the sense of belonging to an exclusive club can be an appeal, but in this market it doesn't seem like that great of an investment.
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