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Originally Posted by Harry Potter View Post
Nice. I didn't realize that STH could use Lot G--that's the best parking lot there is, in my opinion. Easy to get to if you're coming from the West, easy to get out, and right next to 35th Street Red Hots (though my gluten-free diet can't exactly handle that anymore... ) It's strange that the green passes only get you to Lots F and L (?) when G is in a much better location...for me, anyway.

Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Got mine yesterday - so excited to hand them over to the other two people in my ST group who will each take 40 or 41 games, and buy my tickets on Stub Hub. Hey, you can't say I'm not supporting the Sox - I'm still a ST holder!
You're really not using any of your season tickets? Where are they?
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