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I lurk here all the time and never post but last night really pissed me off.

Someone needs to get drilled tonight and that's the bottom line. The Twins have been using Carlos and the Sox as target practice and it has to stop. The play with Young last night was a punk move, pure and simple. Had Young lowered his shoulder and plowed through that's one thing but to intentionally slam your forearms into AJ's head and then push with your arms is bull****. Had he used his fists it would have been considered a punch. The Sox look like chicken **** right now and are letting the Twins push them around. If you don't think that gets into the Sox heads, then I am sorry but your wrong. What this team needs is a bench brawl to get them fired up and give them a **** YOU attitude. Everytime they play the Twins they look like a cowering dog getting yelled at.

And to the people who think there is no need for it or no room for it or that it's not "sportmans like" I say bull****. This is not t-ball where everyone gets a plaque and trophy at the end of the year, this is Major League Baseball and it's time for the Sox to put the big boy pants on.

The season is getting short and if we want to win this division this team needs to light a fire up under it's ass and stop letting itself get kicked around.

Thank you, I shall return to the shadows.
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