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Originally Posted by Jollyroger2 View Post
I haven't heard a single person or media rep label the Nats a garbage team...not sure where that's coming from. ...

I've been reading all season that the Orioles are a garbage team because of where they were in previous years and that the Royals are a garbage team because they have been losing for years and got off to a rough start this year. I assumed people held the Nationals to the same standard.

Pitching, starting pitching more than relief pitching, is the most fragile commodity there is in baseball. Strasburg isn't being shut down because he is hurt. He is being shut down, from his agent's perspective, because if he pitches less he will be able to make more money in the future. And, of course, if he can get more money by not pitching, there is no reason to pitch and risk showing that he can't perform when the season is on the line. Really, if the Nationals don't need Strasburg, they really don't need to pay him what they are paying him now.

The team has a chance to win a championship. If it doesn't, the players will gain the experience of competing for a championship. If Strasburg is an important part of the pitching staff, if he isn't injured, you don't shut him down in his first pennant race.
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