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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
I don't know. I agree with Lip on this one. Wrigley Field isn't a baseball stadium so much as it is an outdoor hotel bar. I don't have anything against people having fun, but the main reason to go to a baseball game is to watch baseball. People can have fun getting drunk and exposing themselves within the confines of their backyards. There's no reason to spend money to do so at a baseball game.
What does it matter to you how people spend their own money? If you only want to go a game to watch baseball AND NOTHING ELSE, you can do that in a park full of Chads and Trixies having summertime fun or in a deserted ball park. But logic says the park that's full to the brim with (THE HORROR) people having fun will probably have more money to spend on the on-field product than the team whose park is half empty.

Bring 'em all down to the Cell, I says.

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