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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Okay, let's assume he doesn't have the worst form in baseball and the frailest possible frame of every pitcher in baseball. Or that on multiple occasions he had to be taken out of the rotation and rest because his body couldn't hold up (maybe it was some other reason, like his birthday twice last year).

Can we please not say incredibly not useful things like "why" to things that have been repeated over and over and over by every damn scout, tv personality, expert, general manager, people who watch baseball like religion, and even people who just know what baseball is but have never seen it? You know what they call people who don't think Sale is going to seriously hurt himself? White Sox fans. We're it. So while of course you don't assume Sale is 100% going to get hurt, can we PLEASE at least acknowledge that every other ****ing person on the planet thinks he's going to, and has a laundry list of reasons why? Ignoring it doesn't make it not so.
None of this is true. And giving a first time starter rest for a start here and there is very commonplace. As usual, you are overstating things to a comical degree.
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