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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Tomorrows Sunday Chicago Tribune has a rather interesting article about a potential new sports stadium in Chicago. The City of Chicago wants to include a new World Class and entertainment stadium in their proposal to Amazon. Its part of the proposal in trying to get Amazon to move its headquarters to Chicago. The stadium would border the Chicago river between Lincoln Park and Bucktown. If this stadium is actually going to get built the main tenant is either going to be the White Sox or Bears, or maybe both of them. I hope if the offer is made to the White Sox about this stadium, I hope JR doesn't blow this opportunity like he did the last time in the 1980s when he rejected a new stadium offer in the South Loop.

For the sake of clarity, I highlighted above in green what is contained in the article.

In red, I highlighted conjecture by the poster. The rest of the post beginning with "I hope..." is clearly the poster's opinion.

Nowhere in that article does it state the Bears or Sox are being considered. The rendering doesn't look like a baseball stadium and certainly doesn't appear to meet NFL capacity requirements. It looks more like a soccer stadium/concert bandshell. Not to say design renderings can't be conceptual only, as they can be changed. Point being, the article doesn't state what the poster intimated. The extent of this discussion in the article is that the developer is supposedly "in discussions with professional sports leagues". That's quite vague. It could mean the NFL or MLB, but it could also mean MLS. We know the Cubs aren't moving and the Hawks/Bulls don't play outdoors.

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