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Originally Posted by johnny bench View Post
On the good side, Hahn has made solid, cautious moves and seemingly hasn't done anything to screw up the team.

On the down side, did he do anything to close the gap to the Tigers? No. Did he work any miracles to offload any bad contacts? No. Hahn didn't move any of the big rocks that need to be moved, and, there are some basic problems with the roster that are screaming to be addressed. As already been pointed out upthread, we need more left handed hitting. And a GM who fails to bring in a competent major league-proven backup catcher when making a transition to a new starting catcher is just one foul tip away from taking the blame for a lost season.

Gentlemen's D.
Absolutely. All the players that address those needs are not only available, but their salary demands all fit the Sox' budget. Oh, how would you get rid of bad contracts? Tell another GM that he will either take over a bad contract or his brains will be on the paperwork while Brooks holds a gun to his head (too bad Luca Brasi is swimming with the fishes, he can be more convincing than Brooks)?

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