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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
For me it's not so much understanding the ins and outs of basic baseball strategy and logistics and more about how to manage personalities and lead a team. It's a big difference from playing the game and leading the players. There's also the issue of how to react and of course practicing thinking about the 10 different things at a single time that a manager might have to think about at any given moment (though obviously not continuously).

Good managers instinctively reach for the right decision, not because they have some innate talent but because they have done it before time and time again and they know the right decision to make based on their experience in similar situations in the past. Again, that's a lot different from even a guy who is responsible for setting the defense in the infield or relaying signs from the manager/coach.

For these reasons, I'd prefer PK got at least a year sitting on a bench being a hitting coach or coaching first so he could see some of the things managers have to adjust to as they happen.

While knowing when to call for a bunt or a lefty reliever or make a double switch are basic parts of baseball which someone like PK should understand by now, there's a big difference between knowing and doing even in a sport that moves as slowly as baseball does.

Just my $0.02...
It's been mentioned a bit here of late, but I still doubt that PK is being groomed for manager. He doesn't seem to have the personality or demeanor for it to me.
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