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Originally Posted by johnnyg83 View Post
I think they have a pretty good shot, especially with expanded playoffs.

What's the NL look like next year?


Giants = good
Nationals = Good
Reds = pretty good
Cards = pretty good
Braves = maybe?
Phillies = maybe

I'd put them below the Nationals and above the Reds.
I want to see how Kemp and Crawford recover from their surgeries. Crawford is especially not a sure thing, as he hasn't played much since 2010.

They still need a third baseman, but who doesn't? Gordon was also banged up most of 2012.

I'm also not sold on Hanley Ramirez at SS. He can't play there anymore.

They have the time and cash to add a couple pieces, but it'll be interesting to see how they fill those holes. They do have some starters to trade like Harang and Capuano.
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