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Originally Posted by bunkaroo View Post
Yeah I guess I can't complain too much - I doubt I'll ever have an attendance year like I did this year. At least 3 of those wins were the only games we won in the series, including Boston and KC twice. Then there's the almost loss against Seattle that got resumed just long enough for Flowers to win it. Being at last Monday's game with Dunn hitting the go-ahead homer was something special too.

So yeah I had a good run.

I'll go to the home opener and closer as always, and I'll spread the other 5 of a 7 game plan around so I go at least once a month as was my plan this year. If the team makes a showing again and does something to compete I will fill in the other dates with more games.
Wow, that is amazing , 10-1. Possible if you got to a great football or Bball teams games, but in baseball, that is amazingly lucky.
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