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Originally Posted by cws05champ View Post
I don't think you can complain too much when we have graduated Beckham, Getz, Richard in the past year and have Hudson who looks like a very good pitching prospect. Would you rather have Poreda, Carter, Russell, Richard in the system or Peavy on the ML roster?

I don't think we have any depth in the system at all but our top 10-15 is not that bad. We don't have any real impact players (possibly Dayan, Mitchell if they develop further) though and that's really what they base these lists on. It's possible to rebuild a farm system in a couple years if they make scouting and development a priority. The Rangers went from 27th ranked in 2007 to 1st in 2009 (according to BA). With the rotation the Sox have they seem to be set up for the next few years to compete.
1. Flowers
2. Hudson
3. Mitchell
4. Danks
5. Dayan
6. Morel
7. .....?

Our system goes 6 deep and then falls off, not a cliff, but a mountain. Not sure where youre getting 10-15 from. Law had every right to rank us dead last.
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