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If you are using stats to tell you Chris Sale is having an equivalent or even better season than Max Scherzer, you are demonstrating how stats can be used to show something that anyone following this baseball season should be able to see is untrue. Take your argument beyond people who agree with you and you will only discredit yourselves among those outside of your camp.

Arguing that Sale is more talented, has a better future, is intrinsically a better pitcher, someone who will be better in his next start or next year may be legitimate. Arguing that Sale been as good a pitcher this year, in the real world, in a perfect world where people watch baseball, is not.

Take your Sale-deserves-the-Cy-Young-Award argument beyond White Sox Nation, and you will find more incredulity than support.

I am a White Sox fan. I like Chris Sale. I have no fondness for Max Scherzer or the Tigers. But when Scherzer wins the Cy Young Award, when Sale doesn't get any first-place votes, I won't be whining about Sale getting cheated.
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