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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
One of the best managers of all time (John Mcgraw) once was told a player in the minors had never made an error and McGraw replied "If this kid has never made an error then I don't want him because he's not going after the hard ones. Smart men like McGraw knew even in the 1920's that fielding percentage meant nothing.
Of course fielding average means something. Larry Bowa was a fine fielding short stop who retired with a .980 fielding Pct, which I believe was the record back then. Was he better than Ozzie Smith who retired with a .978 fielding Pct? Hell no, Bowa was a good to very good fielding shortstop but Smith was so great no adjectives will do him justice. Nor was Bowa better than Luis Aparicio who left the game at .972. Like I posted previously everything in context. I could never have pursued some of the work I did in such a manner. This doesn't count, that doesn't matter. It all does, you just need to put it together and have the ability to evaluate. I have heard or read at one time or another that BA, RBIs, FA, ERA, etc don't matter. Don't even bring up the idea of clutch because it doesn't exist. I will never operate like that.

As for Sale, in what should be a close race for the Cy Young honors he did himself no good by getting pounded by the Indians yesterday. He's not going to get the Cy Young this year and he probably doesn't deserve it. However Sale is so talented that I could envision him going 25-4 some year, like Whitey Ford did in 1961. I guess we'll get lectured then on how those wins and that stat means nothing.
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