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Default How's this for an answer?

Originally Posted by Viva Magglio
Having lost most of our minor league prospects to trades that, ultimately, will not bring us a World Series title this year or several thereafter, how are we going to rebuild our farm system?
1) You rebuild your front office with top front office talent, that actually have a clue about drafting talent at every position.

2) You rebuild your scouting department with scouts who actually have a clue about assessing talent, and how to rank them.

3) You have a support system for these kids in place--great managers, hitting and pitching instructors, etc. Role models, if you will, for these players.

4) Then you draft, having your priorities - pitching, infield, etc.
You pray that some of your picks actually make it. Josh Hamilton is a great example of one who has god-given talent, but in his earlier days went with the wrong crowd, and now is trying to get back.

I have my doubts about our current front office's ability to draft, then mentor, the kids. That's the reason why the Sox have been trading for proven talent, because the kids aren't ready to step in and make an impact.

The last one, maybe two drafts, are a step in the right direction, but a ton more is needed every year.
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