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Originally Posted by slavko View Post
A whole lot of us want exactly this and post in favor of it. Don't want "to act like a small market team" etc. So some of us are going to beef, beef, beef no matter what they do.

I'll go with the "develop your own players and hold onto them as long as you can" method just on principle.
The dynamics of baseball have changed over the last decade, teams are willing to offer long contracts to young players early in their careers to lock them up and remove them from the free agent market. It's happening across the league, from "big market" to "small market" teams.

How baseball operated in say, 1975 is completely irrelevant to this discussion. There is no question the Sox are significantly behind most of the league's most competitive teams in terms of player development, drafting, and scouting. That's why we're coming off the 3rd worst season in the league and have one of the worst minor league systems in baseball.

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