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I used to hate how Jim Thome tried to pull everything when the SS was basically giving him a free single if he simply slapped the ball to the left side of the field, however Jim Thome played pro ball and I didn't so what do I know.

I hate the big whiff strike out as much as the next guy and Dunn's been doing it a lot lately. However, I hate the double play more and it was especially frustrating since the SOX have had a series of slow players in the middle of their lineup the past 10 seasons.

I don't think any of us can expect Dunn to change his batting approach anytime soon. Kenny rolled the dice on Dunn and we lost the same way we lost on Navarro. Time to simply gut it out and hope we stay competitive until his contract expires. If he can knock in 100 RBIs, I can live with all the strikeouts.
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