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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
And then there was one. Yankees and Royals eliminated, only Texas left.
Woohoo - Yankees eliminated. See! Proof that the Yankees aren't buying championships! They miss the playoffs for only the 2nd time ever since the start of the 3-division/wild card era.

Originally Posted by Zakath View Post
Tampa beats New York again, Cleveland and Texas win, KC loses. Yankees and Royals are eliminated.

Tampa Bay 89-69
Cleveland 88-70
Texas 87-71
Kansas City 83-75 <---eliminated
New York 82-76 <----eliminated

Rangers' elimination number is 4.
I really hate Cleveland and their fans - more so than any other division rival. If they make the playoffs, it's too bad that the White Sox pretty much have handed them this playoff berth on a silver platter.
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