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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Why is it a bad thing to have three lefties in the rotation? Can anyone give me a good reason why that is a detriment? I think it's a bunch of bull**** invented by idiots in the Chicago media.

Danks, Sale and Quintana pitched consecutively over the weekend against the AL East-leading Toronto Blue Jays. All three pitchers won. Was it an advantage for Toronto to face three lefties in a row? Doesn't seem like it.

I wouldn't trade Danks. The Sox only have three legitimate starting pitchers in their organization. I understand he isn't part of the future, but in the meantime somebody needs to pitch. It might as well be Danks. And given his salary, I don't think he would fetch the Sox a bounty of elite prospects anyway. Trading him would be nothing more than a salary dump, IMO.
I meant that if Danks finishes out his contract with the Sox through '16 then the Sox with have 4 lefties assuming Rodon comes up. And yes, 4 is too many, 3 is perfectly fine.

I think its pointless to have Danks, especially this year because we are playing for nothing. His value might not get any higher than it is now, so might as well trade him to upgrade other places of need for the near future. He will be a 4 or 5 next year at best, so why worry about having a back end starter for next year?
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