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Default Thoughts on 83' Throwback Uniforms

I have to admit, it was fun seeing the 83' throwback uniforms yesterday. I also think the belt loops improved the uniforms compared to the original navy, elastic waistband.

One thing I still don't like are the Montreal Expos-like three color caps. I always thought the two tone red/blue cap matched up better, just like the batting helmets.

I've read that most of the players liked the uniforms and Beckham even suggested that they wear the 83' throwbacks during every home day game this season, not just Sundays. Word is the SOX brass are considering it.

I think JR and his executive team have always liked these uniforms because they represent the first mark on the team since taking it over. They do bring back good memories of Fisk, Lukinski, Kittle, Hoyt, Seaver, etc. I just think the red/blue caps would match up so much better as the "SOX" would be white on both the jersey and on the cap. Like the picture of LaRussa below. I'm not sure if they ever actually wore this combo or whether the camera flash below just washed out the gray to make the jersey look white in this picture. I know that's not Comiskey in the background, so I assume they are on the road when this picture was taken...

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