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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
Anyone can and should be up for trade after this disasterous season, but the three we should keep in general are Sale, Quintana and Garcia. (It would be a big mistake to trade Quintana. He has good stuff, knows how to pitch and is smooth as silk, which means he probably will avoid any injury problems. He's already a heck of a pitcher and he will improve.)

Five players need to go:

-- De Aza and Ramirez are at the top of the list for their extremely and continued dumb play. They are what they are, talented physically but mentally deficient in a major way. In short, they're losers.

-- Flowers and Phegley are two catchers who can't catch the ball or hit. Neither rates as even a semi-competent backup. Release Flowers. Send Phegley back to the minors and see if he can improve.

-- Axelrod belongs in semi-pro. He needs to be released. There's no reason to even waste a few spring-training innings on him.

The team has many other problems, but these should be no-brainers to anyone who watched the team throughout this painful season.

I won't take this organization seriously again until Ventura is gone. It's a joke he hasn't been fired. I've never seen a Sox team player dumber or be more unprepared to play. As far as those who wore a uniform this season, Ventura was the worst at his job.
I think it would be safe to say that Robin will be returning next year. It must be based on loyality becuase it can't be based on the product we saw.

I would agree DeAza and Ramirez need to go. But they are also 2 of the best offensive players they have on the worst hitting team in the AL. That may mean they have to return while you fill existing holes namely C, IB ?, 3B or 2B if Semien is thought to be a future solution. Hopefully they acquire a solid bat via free agency. If that bat is a CF or SS then you can trade DeAza or Ramirez. But if we as fans think they are bone-headed, it may mean they will not bring back anything of value. Because this team , especially the infield is so weak offensively, the White Sox cannot go get a defensive SS or CF at this point.
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