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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
It's a puff piece talking about two very highly regarded prospects that any team would love to have within their organization. What's the big deal? Am I missing something?
Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
I agree with you that the Cubs at least have a plan. But if I were a Cubs fan, I'd be sick of hearing this "Hope Springs Eternal" stuff. It has been almost 70 years since the Cubs have appeared in a World Series, and there is no way that Theo can put a happy face on that. All of us Chicago fans have heard about rebuiliding efforts and how many have failed? This one can fail, too.

But you may be right about the Cubs succeeding before the Sox do. This organization has shown a complete lack of direction during the past few years.
I agree Dan. But in response to "DirtySox" I think if these same prospects were in the Sox organization and at this very early part of their careers and when basically nothing had been done in ST at that point, posters here would have said the same thing I said.

I'm not ripping the Cubbies prospects. I'm not ripping their hope in them. But it sure was premature to proclaim that they are living up to their hype. When they tear up the minors for a couple years, then yes I'd agree with Dale Phlegm.

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