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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
You mean the pitching coach who believed Sale belonged in the bullpen and the training staff which didn't detect Flowers' season-long shot shoulder?

I think Cooper and the training staff are great, but they make mistakes, too (though the training staff had nothing to do with breaking a fragile pitcher before the all-star break). Let's be honest, Cooper is having trouble taking care of himself these days.
In the end, it makes no difference. If Crain is too fragile to be pitched as a go-to set-up man, he isn't worth a prospect. So if the White Sox overused him in the final year of his contract, they didn't hurt his trade value. The only way they were going to get talent in return from him is to pitch him the way they did to prove that he wasn't a fragile pitcher and worth something from a contender in need of a major league relief pitcher who could help them win games in the heat of a divisional race.

Blaming the White Sox for "breaking Crain" is ridiculous. Pitching him as if he wasn't a fragile pitcher, as if he were a $4.5 million veteran reliever, was the only option the White Sox had.
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