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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
I hope you're right and I will say right now that I have absolutely no evidence to suggest that Rick would be Kenny's puppet or anything like that and to be honest the moves of this off season would suggest that Hahn isn't Kenny's puppet. It just seems to me that in previous situations like this the GM emeritus still holds most of the power, if you want to make a deal with the Cubs for example, you call Theo. Not Jed Hoyer.
I may be wrong, but I get the impression that KW wants to be more hands off and not have to deal with the grind anymore.

And people forget that the Sox spent the late '80's and '90's with a strong focus on building up a a strong farm system. KW brought a whole new level of win now aggresiveness that I've never seen this franchise have since I've been old enough to understand baseball. The same old philosohpy that people speak of here seems to be a myth. We went from a guy like Schu who was pretty solid with the farm system to KW who would do just about anything to win now.

I don't think this teams philosophy under the Reinsdor regime is stale at all.

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