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The Sox owe us nothing, and we owe them nothing. As much as I love the White Sox, and will never cheer for another team, they are a product that I can choose to enjoy or ignore. Like an expensive car that is a disaster and breaks down all the time, the price they spend means nothing to the fan base. They may as well have a 30 million payroll if this is the results they get. They pay executives a lot of money to find talent and put out a competitive team. Kenny Williams did his job a couple times over his GM tenure and got promoted. Rick Hahn was highly touted, but yet to prove he can find young talent (will take a few years to see the results of this).

For almost 6 years now the White Sox have given us a product that has the talent of a .500 ball club and they hope everything goes right and we sneak into the playoffs.

Until they figure it out, Fans will just continue to ignore them. If Sony kept putting out TV's that were the 10th most expensive in a market of 100 options, and the picture just sucked, year after year, people would stop buying them until Sony proved they could make a good TV. Sony would then have 2 options, sell the ****ty TV for less money, or make a better TV.

The White Sox choose to sell us a ****ty tv for less money this year. Maybe in the future they will figure it out.
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