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Good to see that the Sox are trying to fix the attendance problem.
I know that attendance posts have been verboten on this site for some time but I think the Mods let us talk about the issue this year and I want to think that the Sox have made more than a few visits to this site to find out what fans thought. You can send out surveys to season ticket holders and get their views but I think the team gets a better view here at WSI as we are broader base than just season ticket holders. We have people who probably go to 5 games a year, some 10 or 20 and some a lot more.
Looking at the stands at the games I watched on TV this year it was the lower priced seats that were not full. I think you can build a larger fan base by getting people's fannies in those lower priced seats. The family Sunday is a great idea as parents will be bringing out their young children who will become White Sox fans for the rest of their lives.
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