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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
I read an article that stated that Hawk wasn't as bad as a lot of people want to believe. He did get Calderon for next to nothing and he turned into Raines. He got Bonilla as a rule 5, was ripped for trading him for DeLeon, but DeLeon turned into One Dog,and if Bonilla stayed, the Sox might have won a few more games over the years, not enough to win, but enough to keep them from being able to draft guys like McDowell and Thomas. So why it is fashionable on this site to criticize Hawk for everything he does, his "disasterous" stint as a GM, really wasn't so bad. He did inherit a disaster. Britt Burns and Tom Seaver were done, and the minor league system was worse than it is now.
I get what you are saying, but I hate this line of thinking. It isn't just your statement, but I don't agree with an ends justify the means approach for bad moves. Its the same as people who praise say, John Paxson, for messing up trading Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas since we might not have won the lottery to get Rose.

If Hawk was planning on making bad moves to get Black Jack and Big Frank, awesome. Otherwise, they were just bad moves.
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