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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I read something about this on another message board and Harrelson actually made some good moves. I was kinda surprised by it because I always thought he ruined the Sox.
They obviously lost a lot of games, and Hawk made some mistakes. But their 2 best starters from the year before were toast. Burns never pitched again, and Seaver wanted to be on the East Coast. Fisk put up an Ozzie Guillen-like .600 OPS. They were doomed. And one of the big reasons Hawk got the job was because of the lack of talent in the farm system.

I forget who wrote the article I read, but it was interesting. Had Hawk been just slightly more successful, had he kept Bobby Bonilla who he picked up for nothing anyway, Frank Thomas probably would never have been a White Sox. Hawk's one year reign as the Sox GM was the beginning of their resurgence starting in 1990.
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