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I posted this in the acceptance thread yesterday

Detroit has not been very good on the road this year. Tonight certainly seems like a good chance for the Sox to pick up a game. So, we'll see what happens. I figure the Sox can loose one more game this year. 87 wins probably takes the division.

It's funny. I happened to catch Peter Gammons on the score this morning and he was going on about how people looked at the Sox lineup and figured they were prone for a slump. And that people looked at the Sox starting rotation and figured it wouldn't be able to hold up. I'm sorry, Peter, what were you and all those "people" saying 2 weeks ago? I believe it was something like "Detroit's defense is just too bad to win the division." Baseball sure is a fickle game.

For me, I'm going to hope against hope that the Sox can pull this out. Nor will I go down without a fight (even if that means just being in a bad mood because the Sox are losing. ). I hope the Sox don't go down without a fight either. We've been riding this roller coaster for awhile now, why not see it to the end?

Six games left, Sox. Give us a thrill!
So far, so good.

I'm in.
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