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Originally Posted by MISoxfan View Post
I think the similar batters come mostly from counting stats and slash line.

Kiner's 10 year career line is .279/.398/.548 with 971 Runs, 369 HRs, 1015 RBI
Dunn's first 10 years line is .250/.381/.521 with 865 Runs, 354 HRs, 990 RBI

I don't think it takes league averages into account, since Kiner's OPS+ and especially oWAR dwarf Dunn's by quite a bit. Of course if Dunn hit .250/.381/.521 over his time here we'd have a division title last season, and maybe even something to show for 2011, but the White Sox version of Dunn has sucked until about May 14th of this year.
I took a look at it. The stats are similar for guys like reggie jackson, canseco, greg vaughn, burnitz, and killebrew. Killebrew and Jackson are different eras though. I see Dunn as he is, 12th-16th value 1bman in this league. A guy with a serious risk element to his game when slumping. Not something to reinvest in if he can't hit at DH. They don't have to dump him, but no need to hold on to the dream that he's going to deliver that .260+ avg. .400+ Obp. 1.000+ ops season people are waiting for.
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