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1. Not really a means to completely overhaul now. Konerko, Dunn, Danks, Rios will at least comprise half of the payroll. So it will be fill in the blanks time again and there will be many blanks to fill, mainly the pitching staff, probably from within and that is very far from a sure thing but a very economical one.

2. I sure hope they start rebuilding and throw money in all aspects of the minor league system. But that produces revenue in the distant future and this organization has the live for the day mentality, so I doubt it will happen.

3. Attendance has dropped every year since 2006 and the clubs value keeps increasing, so whatever they are doing seems to be working.

4. TV and radio ratings keep increasing, so I assume there is no need for a change there.

Basically it comes down to, what you see is what you will keep getting, as long as the bottom line stays healthy.
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