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Originally Posted by RCWHITESOX View Post
It's always the same old crap. De Aza, Ramirez just never seem to have their heads in the game.God I miss the days when the Sox had great fielding and fundamentally sound players. This team needs a CF,LF,SS, and catcher.
They need to be taught how to approach and play the game properly. They have the talent to be so much better, but they get away with their continued silliness because they're never held accountable. Remember when Bobby Cox yanked Andruw Jones out of center field in the middle of a game when he didn't hustle? Jones got the message and went on to be one of the greatest defensive center fielders of all time.

Every game we have players who don't hustle or make mental blunders that call for a benching. But nothing ever happens. Ever. They play day after day after day. They get worse, and so does the team. Gee, I wonder why.
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