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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
You forgot the package of prospects. The original point was getting a package like Tampa got for Shields. So Sale burns his arm out in 2014 and you say the money is not a big deal. Agreed. But the "Yankees or Rangers' not only would have lost money, they would have gave up their top prospects as well.
The question you totally missed is this: If Sale is a risky acquisition long term for a contending team, are they still going to offer the Sox a great package of prospects in return. If yes, then I agree you trade him. But he is a legit Number One starter. Accepting less a package because his value is limited due to fear of injury is crazy. Then you hold him.

Like I said, I would only trade him for a great set of prospects. And never under estimate the stupidity of some GM's when they think they can win now. Look at some of the idiotic contracts given out to guys like Howard, Hamilton, Puljos, A-rod, and yes Verlander. If I were a GM, I'd rather lose 3 prospects and $30MM for a year and half of an ace starter (with the possibility of more) then be paying some of the guys above $25MM per year when they are 35+.

Only one way to find out what the market is for Sale and that is to listen to inquiries (and I am sure teams are inquiring about him.)

I don't think Hahn has the guts to trade him anyway.

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