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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
They don't have to replace 9. Probably 5 (c, 1B, 3B, DH, RF). We replaced 4 to start 2005 and 5 for most of 2005. WE also replaced closer (twice) and set-up man. I know there was a once-in-a-generation synergy involved in 2005's championship team, but when you have some pitching foundation, it's a lot, lot, lot easier to retool. And the team did win 90 games the following year.
I think people undervalue Santiago and Quintana.
Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
I'm with you. The pitching is fine. Don't fix what isn't broken. And not all position players need to be replaced, either.

We can be competitive in 2015 while simultaneously drafting and developing better.
This is exactly the kind of thinking that caused our current situation.

You guys are suggesting we continue to polish a turd. We've been a turd for years, just adding a few pieces here and there. But more and more, no matter what you throw at it, the **** starts to really stink.

This team reeks. At it's core. No amount of polishing is going to stop it from reeking. It needs to be rebuilt. That can't be done in free agency. That can't be done in trades (given we have nothing in the system to do that with). If we add four-five players, it's going to be another polish job. You can't be serious about turning this around if you're giving in to the illusion that we're not a ****ty smelling turd that cannot possible hope to compete.
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