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Originally Posted by RKMeibalane View Post
I think I should be clear about a few things:

  • I don't necessarily believe that Dayan Viciedo is the long-term answer for the White Sox in left field, and I've never said anything to suggest otherwise. I also agree with those who believe that his swing has significant holes, and that his approach at the plate is extremely poor.
  • Having said that, I believe that there is an aspect of this situation that the acolytes of jeremyb1 are overlooking: the White Sox have no one available to replace Viciedo if they decide to sit him.
  • Munch points out that Viciedo's WAR was negative in 2012, which suggests that the Sox would have been better off with another player occupying his spot on the roster. This is a fair point, but it does not address the most important issue in a situation like this.
  • If a particular player is not playing well enough to justify his spot in the lineup, he cannot be replaced unless such a replacement player is actually available to assume his spot. The White Sox farm system is largely devoid of Major League talent at the highest levels. Players projected to have success (Courtney Hawkins) aren't yet ready to compete for a job with the Sox. Otherwise, Hawkins would have participated in Spring Training in an effort to win Viciedo's job.
  • As the Sox have no one would can play in Viciedo's absence, it makes the most sense for the Sox to continue starting him in LF, in the (perhaps unlikely) event that he improves significantly enough to help his team more effectively.
  • Finally, I find the argument of whether a particular player would start on another roster to be extremely tiresome. What a player would be allowed were he part of another Major League team is irrelevant. Dayan Viciedo doesn't play for another team: he plays for White Sox, and it matters only whether his presence helps White Sox win, not what he would be expected to do playing elsewhere.
I think most of this is fair, I just don't think people realize how bad Viciedo actually is. There are plenty of available better options, even on our roster. DeWayne Wise actually posted a positive WAR as an outfielder last season (which should indicate more conclusively how bad Viciedo really is). Given his tremendous defensive advantage, it makes absolutely no sense why we continue to start Viciedo. Cut you losses already.
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