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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
The problem here is there is no adjustment. All the talent in the world can get you only so far in the big leagues. Even the leg kick that Manto and Parent tried to get him to change up with is seemingly gone.
I agree that his approach at the plate is extremely poor, and I also agree that it's disappointing that he appears either unwilling or unable to incorporate the suggestions of the coaching staff into said approach as a means of improving his chances of making solid contact. While either scenario is certainly discouraging, neither means that his approach is beyond repair.

Originally Posted by russ99
Tank must think he's going to see at least one pitch in an at-bat that he can jack, otherwise, why swing so wildly? That 3-0 count tonight against Gio was just awful, hacking at everything.
I don't know what Viciedo is thinking when he's at the plate. Only he knows why he chooses to swing at certain pitches. As I said, his approach at the plate is poor, and a poor plate approach will almost certainly lead to poor results. What is difficult for me- and for the Sox coaching staff, apparently- is whether his poor approach is the result of a physical or mental weakness, or perhaps some combination of the two. I may be able to recognize even subtle injuries by watching a person's body language, but it's more difficult to determine one's approach to hitting a baseball by doing so.

Originally Posted by russ99
Tank is turning into another B.A . to me - he has one fantastic aspect to his play that some fans fall in love with, almost annoyingly so, but the full package is lacking.
I agree that he doesn't have the full package, but honestly, how many players in baseball today truly use or display all five tools regularly? Miguel Cabrera was the American League MVP last season. Most people would characterize him as a "two-tool" player (by hitting for average and power), albeit an extremely effective two-tool player.

Viciedio will never be Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, or even Justin Upton, but I don't know of anyone here who believes that he will be. The fluff piece comparing him with Heyward is exactly that, fluff.

Originally Posted by russ99
And enough of that one year excuse. He now has 781 PA at the big league level, this isn't a rookie here.
I never said that he was a rookie. I said that I think he needs more time, and, as the Sox have no one ready to replace him, it seems reasonable to provide him with playing time as a means of seeing whether he will improve. If he does, then the Sox may have a serviceable player on their roster who can contribute as they wait for Hawkins, Barnum, and others to develop. If he does not, it's unlikely that the Sox fortunes will change significantly if he tossed aside. They'll just have to find someone else to play LF until a suitable long-term replacement is available.
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