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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Excellent news
But those 3 are a minimum. Right now we have 2 young pitchers in the rotation; add those 3 and its 5. Really need another 5 for depth, or hit the free agents. No White Sox veteran is good enough to be part of a winning rotation. Rodon should be capable, if he gets healthy. Hope they have some in the lower minors to keep the pipeline growing.
I'm paranoid on this because the 3 best Sox teams of my lifetime (83, 93, and 05) had 5 good starters. And numerous teams disappointed for want of a 5th (or 4th) starter.
I think you'd be hard-pressed to find another MLB team that has as much young, talented starting pitching depth as the Sox.

Giolito and Kopech look like they could be aces. Lopez looks like he'll be a rotation mainstay. Hansen and Dunning looked very promising in the minors last year. These aren't a bunch of Lance Broadways and Erik Johnsons here, that's five guys right there with loads of talent. Then there's Rodon. As you said, he's capable but we'll see if he can bounce back from his injury and stay healthy. Cease is in the mix too as a possible effective starter.

Yes, you can never have enough starting pitching. Players get injured or they can fizzle out. But, all things considered, starting pitching is one of my lesser worries about this team moving forward.
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