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Originally Posted by guillensdisciple View Post
He definitely isnít injured, but what an interesting article. It looks like a minor tweak has changed everything for him.

If true, what a big boost for many of us who were waiting for the Hansen/ Kopech/ Cease combo to produce aces.

This can give us so much room to work with.
Excellent news
But those 3 are a minimum. Right now we have 2 young pitchers in the rotation; add those 3 and its 5. Really need another 5 for depth, or hit the free agents. No White Sox veteran is good enough to be part of a winning rotation. Rodon should be capable, if he gets healthy. Hope they have some in the lower minors to keep the pipeline growing.
I'm paranoid on this because the 3 best Sox teams of my lifetime (83, 93, and 05) had 5 good starters. And numerous teams disappointed for want of a 5th (or 4th) starter.
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