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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
Way too early to go into this. I'll wait to see what happens next year with attendance being lower than previous year and salary able to be taken off the books.

My point was that they should always be in the top 1/3 but it has been trending down.
One year is a trend? The average of these years is 7th. Remember, it only started spiking in 2006 too. The 2005 club that won it all was a middle of the pack payroll. I don't know if the Sox will be a top 10 payroll next year, it's been a bad year for attendance, but maybe if they make the playoffs it will feed some season ticket sales next year. There wasn't really a choice but to cut payroll this year when the big ticket acquisitions the last few years fell mostly flat, though they've rebounded to have solid years this year for the most part. There should be money to spend next year though and I expect it to get spent. I can't picture the Sox falling off the map from a payroll perspective and becoming Cleveland or KC. It maybe a few years until they get back to $110M+ though and that's okay with me. If the core talent looks to be good enough to make a push with some tweaks than spend and go for it. If the pitching staff stays solid, the team will be there, the question is what to tweak for the position players.

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