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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
2012 11th
2011 5th
2010 7th
2009 12th
2008 5th
2007 5th
2006 4th

Yes the Sox cut payroll this year after not making the playoffs last year and seeing the attendance not support the levels.

Honestly, the KW regime has proved the Sox are willing to spend for a FA or two or three to try to get to the next level. They've done it time and time again. The attacks on the Sox for being cheap are meaningless, trollish and sad.

Just my opinion...
I don't think the Sox are cheap, I just worry going forward if they will have the resources to compete with the few teams getting huge TV deals. It seems in the past decade or so that only the Red Sox and Yankees had truly huge payrolls in the AL, but the Rangers and Angels (and Tigers, as long as Illitch is alive, but that's a bit of different case as I don't think he cares about how much the team makes or loses) have these now huge TV deals and corresponding revenues such that they can spend accordingly. I don't think the Sox have those resources, nor are they likely to in the near future.
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