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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Relative to other fanbases in the majors, the White Sox fanbase is regarded as being on the negative side. That isn't my opinion, although it is an opinion, or at least a judgment. That's what I've heard from people in baseball and people who cover baseball, and that is consistent with what I read at WSI. There are many White Sox fans who seem proud to be negative under the guise of keeping it real.
The bolded section sounds like KingXerxes doing a Farmio impression.

In all seriousness, your original statement was that "the White Sox fan base doesn't show their players the kind of respect that fans in other cities show their players."

I just don't buy that at all. I can't think of ANY former Sox player who has been treated badly returning to Chicago with maybe the exception of Sammy Sosa. Thomas, Crede, Thome, Rowand- all received standing ovations while PLAYING for other teams.

Adam Dunn, who is one of the worst 3 free agent signings in franchise history, gets treated pretty much with indifference from fans in the ballpark. How would that .159 average in 2011 have gone over if he had played in New York, Boston, or Philadelphia?

I don't disagree that there's a lot of negativity surrounding the Sox right now (how could there not be?) But to believe that any of that is generally directed at a lack of respect for the players, and certainly former players, and WITHOUT QUESTION someone who was as successful in a Sox uniform as Mark Buehrle is flat out crazy. He will never have to pay for a drink in Chicago for the rest of his life.

That being said, it's probably even crazier to believe Mark Buehrle is a Hall of Fame caliber player
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