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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
It depends on the fanbase. The White Sox fanbase doesn't show their players the sort of respect that fans in other cities show their players, at least not one they're still active.

I don't believe Mark Buehrle will get into the Hall of Fame, but not because the White Sox fanbase doesn't appreciate what he has done in his career. I don't think WAR is relevant to the Hall of Fame unless people who have nothing to do with the Hall of Fame or voting for it (with a few exceptions) are arguing over who deserves to be in and who does not. The Hall of Fame isn't about stats.

I think Buehrle would be closer to the Hall of Fame if he had stayed with the White Sox. He was a better pitcher with the White Sox, for whatever reason. I think he would have continued to be a better pitcher than he turned out to be if he had stayed with the White Sox.

Jack Brickhouse said of Jim Bunning during a Cubs-Phillies game at the end of Bunning's baseball career that he was a player who simply pitched so well for so long that he sort of wrapped himself around the Hall of Fame. Of course, the Veterans Committee recognized that two decades later. He didn't seem like a Hall of Famer, but late in his career, you looked at him and you knew he was, after going out and pitching in all those tough games, winning most of them, pitching a no-hitter and then a perfect game. Mark Buehrle would have to be the Jim Bunning of his day. Unfortunately, because I happen to like Mark Buehrle, he hasn't been that since leaving the Sox.
Are you not aware that Mark's season in Miami last year was arguably the 2nd best of his career?

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