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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
I agree with you guys. I thought the reaction to the sock patch removal was a bit over the top a few years ago, but at least that was something people could identify. Probably not a big deal to most, but most people can recognize the sock patch. But pants stripes? Really? Is this thread a late April Fools joke and everyone is really just ranting in teal?

So a few sharp eyes out there notice a change in pants striping. So what? I would guess that 95% of Sox fans aren't going to notice the change since it's so subtle and they aren't going to care either. I guess that makes them all either morons or completely casual fans.

I challenge anyone here who really thinks this is such a big deal to go up to all your Sox fan friends and start ranting about how it's such a travesty that the Sox changed the pants stripe on their road uniforms. I'd be dying to know how many people get laughed in their face for expressing such outrage over this.
I'm right there with you (on the pants thing, the Sock patch is a bigger deal). But if 95% won't notice or care, why piss off the 5% who do? What's the gain?

For me, it's not about the pant stripe: It's about the marketing department doing things just to do them, all the while washing their hands of issues that actually matter, like guest service. The stripe is just symbolic of a larger disconnect between Sox marketing and Sox fans.