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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
All that said, I'm a casual fan of those two teams and don't have as much of an emotional connection and haven't watched as many games. But, watching 145-150 Sox games every year all of my life, yes, I'll notice things that changes on their unis and not feel like I have to apologize for it.
Point to one post where you've been asked to apologize for noticing subtle changes in the uniforms. You won't be able to because no one is asking you to. You on the other hand seem to be taking umbrage and have been quite rude to those of us that didn't notice it, starting with your snarky comment about Nellie's reading comprehension when there had been nothing really said in the first few posts of this thread about what change has been made. Also you seem exasperated that the uniform they have been wearing for 22 years is different because the stripe on the pants is different, and WE DIDN'T NOTICE!!! And your sly comments about being a casual fan of the other sports teams and not noticing subtle changes of those uniforms? Nice touch.

I watch as many games as you do. I watched that first game against the Nationals and I didn't notice. That doesn't make me any less a fan than you are. I don't pay that close attention to the uniforms. I just don't care. It has to be a bold change for me to notice. But hey, you win. You're a better fan than those of us that didn't notice. Congratulations.

I can't believe there are 5 pages dedicated to pants stripes. I'm out.

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