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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
He said before this thread he couldn't describe the stripe, not that he didn't notice it. reading said something about that earlier, right?
The context of the statement was that he couldn't recognize or notice the colors of the stripes on the pants, which I find fascinating.

I guess we're not even arguiing about whether the change looks good or was necessary at this point. What the hell are we arguiing about? Oh yeah, whether Nellie could describe the Sox pants they've worn for 22 years. Perhaps he has a black and white television? Perhaps color blind?

But, for ****s and giggles, I'm putting myself out there as a casual fan of the Bears and Hawks. I watch a fraction of their games compared to the Sox. I'm thinking outloud on this...I know the Bears have three orange stripes on their sleeves, so I'd probably pick that up if they ever changed it. Do they still have the GSH initials? I probably would miss that if they were ever taken off. The jerseys at home....some stripes on their sleeves, white and black, but I couldn't tell you how many by memory. So, if that ever changed, I wouldn't pick up on it at all, nor would I really care at all.

All that said, I'm a casual fan of those two teams and don't have as much of an emotional connection and haven't watched as many games. But, watching 145-150 Sox games every year all of my life, yes, I'll notice things that changes on their unis and not feel like I have to apologize for it.