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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Trying to tread lightly here. All I'll say is there are millions of folks in this country having to work jobs with little to no benefits. I've been there.

The problem is in fact, many, I'd say the majority DON'T have the choices that you are assuming they have. ESPECIALLY in this country at this time with this screwed up economy.

I have no issues with any company or business making a profit, none...they take the risks, they are entitled to a reward.

But when the pursuit of profit overtakes basic human needs and dignity, there's something wrong. Dead wrong with that attitude. They are not entitled to a limitless profit.

NO sports franchise that I know of is losing money. What is a fact as shown in the book The Lords of the Realm is that MLB teams (and I suspect other pro sports teams) have been cooking the books for years. These are smart, very smart business people...they aren't going to hang on to a money loser...that's not their way.

They can afford to pay loyal employees a pension. Period. ESPECIALLY in a business that Proud to be Your Bud crows about being worth eight BILLION dollars.

Agree 100%, especially since it is quite obvious.
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