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Originally Posted by Dibbs View Post
Pena is not old, but he is no spring chicken like I said. He will be 28 next year and hasn't had any great MLB success. He has actually been pretty bad. Not much upside. Do you feel confident when he comes into the game?

Oh, and saying he's had a terrible career is not as stupid as saying look at his ERA over his last twelve innings pitched. Lets go one more inning and now it is 7 ER over 13.2 IP. See, I can play that game too.

I don't know if Allen will turn out to be a good MLB player, but I think Kenny gave up more than he had to.
I'm saying he's had some degree of success with the White Sox by using his last twelve innings. His struggles with the Sox came in his first four outings, and since then he's been much, much sharper.

Am I confident when he comes into games? Not a good evaluator. If that's the case, the only good pitcher in our pen is Thornton.
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