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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Madrigal needs conditioning and weight room time more than anything. He's isn't a traditional slap hitter, but slaps the ball for plate coverage. He has multiple approaches. The bigger issue is that his approach doesn't necessarily lend to more power or harder hit balls. So the best way to improve his outcomes involve strengthening. Otherwise, I think he could be an average outcome player in the league right now. I don't think bringing him up is rushing him, but he's a few years away from plus production.
A little weight room maybe, but the guy doesn't need conditioning. He is showing that he can hit so far, so all I ask is that the Sox don't F him up with forcing him to be something he is not. I will take a mega singles/doubles hitter that steals 30 and plays great D any day of the week. I don't care if he ever hits a HR in his entire career as the guy could be a modern day Nellie with speed.
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