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Originally Posted by blurry View Post

Palka's had ~500 PA's in the MLB and his slash line is .223/.285/.449 with a whopping -0.2 bWAR for his career. He can't field, get on base, hit, or run. He can hit a ball far; that's it. He's 27 years old.

People are acting like he hasn't had a chance at the MLB level. He had 500 chances. The guy is a AAAA DH. He doesn't have the ceiling of someone like Moncada and he doesn't have time on his side.

Maybe I'm wrong; maybe he makes a massive adjustment and starts raking, but history suggests it won't happen.
Guess it depends on if he actually has improved his eye. He's also been playing 1B this year and last I checked the Sox just got an opening for a LF 1B/DH type...

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